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Renewables in the ACT

Canberra is Australia’s renewable energy capital, leading the field in policy, research and industry innovation.

The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) has set the global benchmark through its legislated 100% renewable electricity target by 2020 and has the most ambitious emissions reductions targets of any jurisdiction in Australia. To date, the ACT has attracted over $500 million in renewable energy investment.

ACT policies have driven investment certainty and have attracted world leading energy transition research and education courses, renewable energy business headquarters and clean energy policy design and implementation. The ACT continues to lead the world with its zero-emissions transport action plan focused on leading electric and hydrogen fuelled vehicles investment and uptake.

The Canberra region hosts eight wind farms, four solar farms, affectionately known as the solar highway, a utility-scale organic waste-to-energy facility, mini-hydroelectricity plants, a world-record solar thermal technology demonstration and an Australian-first renewable energy skills training centre.

The South East Region of Renewable Energy Excellence (SERREE) hub was developed by Regional Development Australia ACT with funding from the ACT Government and the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA). SERREE has fostered growth in the industry by creating a community of collaboration between businesses striving to engage in the rapidly emerging global industry. SERREE facilitates local and international business-to-business meetings, delegations and community education in the region.