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CBR Renewables Precinct

SERREE was commissioned by the ACT Government in early 2016 to undertake market research into the viability of establishing a renewable energy business precinct in Canberra.

Businesses participating in the survey expressed whether they would be interested in being part of a Renewables Precinct, and if so, what would help to make it an attractive proposition. What form does the industry see the Precinct taking?

The CBR Renewables Precinct is a geographical co-location of small, medium and large sized renewable energy businesses within Canberra’s City West Business District, adjacent to the Australian National University.

Renewable energy businesses establishing within the Precinct will join businesses already located within the area to build the capacity and capability of renewables businesses – a renewable energy ‘smart specialisation’.

The Precinct offers both a space and a culture, a place to foster renewables innovation by linking the developing renewables business ecosystem with research, and with industry and business knowledge. 

A Renewables Precinct Hub will be the centrepiece of the Precinct - a central location where small to medium sized business can co-establish.

The Hub will provide a start-up business incubator and would include shared spaces – hot desks and meeting rooms, and common spaces in which to hold Precinct events – workshops and networking.

SERREE wishes to thank those stakeholders who've provided valuable input into the CBR Renewables Precinct Market Research Report.