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The region's first 6 star Green Star rated community

The vision for Ginninderry is to ‘create a sustainable community of international significance within the nation’s capital.’ 

In terms of renewable energy this translates into the goal of becoming the world’s first energy positive suburb through the development of an embedded renewable microgrid that generates and supplies all of the suburb’s energy needs from within its own borders and delivers a surplus for the surrounding area.

The Ginninderry microgrid is looking to combine and integrate residential solar and battery storage, commercial solar, small-scale on-site solar farms and precinct-level storage. 

Each house will have mandated solar PV systems, ranging from 2 - 5 kW depending on the size of the dwelling,  demand management systems, each house will be 6 star Green Star rated dwellings (highest energy efficiency rating), and have the option to purchase a battery storage system.

The Link

The Link building at Ginninderry is an example of the energy requirements of the community, visitors can see real time energy supplied by the rooftop solar array, and can learn more about solar and batteries. 

Location: 90 Stockdill Dr, Holt A.C.T 2615 - adjacent to Strathnairn Arts Centre

Open 7 days a week from 9am - 5 pm.