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Googong Mini-Hydro 

Googong Mini-Hydro is a 600kW system which utilises the environmental flows released from Googong Dam.

Googong Mini-Hydro system provides power directly to nearby Googong Water Treatment Plant (WTP) and raw water pump station (RWPS).

When the water treatment plant is operating, the hydro system supplies around 30% of the plant's power needs saving the amount of electricity needed to be imported from the grid.

The other 70% of the power generated from the hydro system is exported to the local distribution network. 

Best Vantage Points:

Googong Dam lookout provides the best possible view of the Googong Reservoir, dam wall, intake tower and downstream of the Queanbeyan River.

The lookout provides a host of picnic tables, public toilets, parking. Googong Dam also has boating facilities, walking tracks, and mountain bike trails - click here to find out more.

The hydro building is located at the bottom of the dam wall but is not visible from the lookout.

Public Facilities:

Nearest public facilities in Googong.